Our Favourite Rides

In discussion with my friends, I selected sixteen specific rides from amongst our five tours, which represent the sheer variety and enjoyment of our cycling in Italy. In some cases, I have taken advantage of hindsight to combine two of our actual rides together to create an even better option.
They are rides of varying difficulty, but I would firmly recommend them all. The start and end points naturally reflect where we stayed on our tours, but where appropriate I note some alternatives that could be considered to suit different circumstances.
The titles of the rides are listed below, simply in the date order in which we made them. The download for each ride includes a description (highlighting any issues and why we found it so memorable) and a Turnsheet. Files in .gpx format are also available as a download for those with a Garmin or similar device.
Distances are reasonably accurate, but sometimes total climb is an estimate - I didn’t have Garmin data available until Tour 3, and I’m not fully confident of the accuracy of my Garmin in recording total climb figures. It is also important to note that for Rides 8 to 16, whilst the distances on the Turnsheets are correct, the .gpx files are based on the actual route we followed, complete with minor wrong turns and the like, since editing the Route files was beyond my rudimentary Strava/IT skills.

*Hover over the photos below to see the ride, and then click for File Downloads